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Lies, Lies and ………………………………………………………….. .

And the dots kept flowing. Really they did. Like a spook held down the key as I typed. This is a ‘what if’ post. What if you had one wish? How does the Eminem song go? What IF.., mine would … Continue reading

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What’s it all about?

Alfie? Nothing to do with Alfie at all. This was written in March. Problems formatting it mean that I have copied, pasted and edited a little bringing it here. This morning, like most, almost each and every, even all mornings … Continue reading

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All New 2, too, to..

That is not a new style university degree. It’s a title aimed to provoke consideration of contrast in meaning. Semantics, politics, whatever floats your boat and influences you. This article is about you, them, all different and much more the … Continue reading

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Time-Out, out, in?

I’m in a bar. Les Brasseurs. But it’s a real bar, with home brewed beer on tap and I’m having a 23 Swiss franc (CHF) hamburger. And an 8 CHF beer. I mention it as I cannot afford it and … Continue reading

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Doing the best we can

Doing the best we can is a link to the original article. Starrystez inspired my comments. Am I writing merely to reflect on others? No. Any reflection sees my ugly mush in it, even if I try to hide off to … Continue reading

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