Thank you’s awarded!

TODAY, as I start to write (well aware that I will not finish this today) It is the first of the sixth month. Please do not get into mathematical averaging with me, I take this to be close enough to half way through a year in which the Christmas of last, yes ‘last‘ year, I swear was only a month ago!


I have been amiss. Well, actually, no. I have been absent. I did say that I would be, yet I haven’t written much at all of the book that I am absent whilst writing. That may be amiss of me indeed.  This post is a thank you. It is written to you. Please read on and you will find the part that pertains to you as the unique individual that you are.

Be that as it may be – as I write those six words they strike me as a rather good outlook on life. 

OK, I have been bad in some ways. I haven’t achieved that which I set out to. Yet life takes its roads and I diverted onto a path that I enjoyed. I totally believe that life is about the journey not the destination. In attempt to appear contradictory, it is also about the place; where we are.
Not in an estate agent minded, ‘location, location’ manner but in appreciation of that which we have, all that there is rather than focussing on where it is that we think we want to go, planning to obtain all that we think we must or need or feel the necessity of just because we don’t have it. Wow, that is a long sentence!

I would like to compare this to ‘boredom.‘ I’m sure that I have ranted away about boredom somewhere on this blog. The immediate reaction that is mine when I hear somebody state that they are bored. 

It is like a red flag to a bull. A button marked ‘Do NOT push.’ I cannot help but respond. 

Bored? I ask. Surely if you are bored then you must be boring? 

This used to be directed at young people. (I even used to be a young person ;-)) Of late I find increasing numbers of older, adult persons using this throw away statement. (Am I then now associating with more grown ups? ;-))  

As a fully grown, matured person (An albeit incomplete definition of adult.) Shouldn’t there have been enough experience in life to date, even enough of the ever multiplying as yet unachieved (should be a word!) desires for consideration, that a state of boredom is truly difficult to obtain?

Now this is, more or less the same argument that I place against a young person being bored. Surely there are so many things that you have no real experience of, so many dreams and desires tumbling over one another that finding yourself in a state of boredom is not possible?

It generally transpires that the word has been somewhat incorrectly used and attached to feelings of insufficient joy with the present moment.
This can be supported by some frustration if for instance the person is somehow forced, through schooling or work to apply themselves to a task that isn’t of particular personal interest. (“feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity” – a dictionary definition.)

Hell, I have certainly been tasked with many jobs that I feel undervalued and uninterested in performing. I have bucked the system repeatedly and it is fair to conclude that the outcome hasn’t favoured me much. 

Yet I still do not truly understand the concept of bored. Find a way to take more interest in that menial mind numbing seemingly unnecessary task and gain some ownership of it? Maybe?
If you are an exceptionally enthusiastic eager to prove yourself type.
Myself I have done it whilst thinking of something else.
The book that I am currently failing to get far with, along with other stories and ideas that it could be argued haven’t taken me far? 

In Le Petit Prince he states that ‘straight ahead of oneself one cannot go very far.’ I like the statement though could argue against (and for) its truth.
The point being, how far?
How far do I need to go to be where I am now? Am I happy here now? 


Should we be in that place doing something to further ourselves? How do you define ‘furthering yourself’? Should we always want more? Is that success?  Should any of us be performing tasks that aren’t of ‘particular personal interest’?

Wasn’t the idea of schooling and qualifications that we find things that we are naturally inclined toward and enjoy doing?

Of course not. Schooling is about provision of a work force to feed the system itself.  Cynical sounding, like I’ll be off onto a fire and brimstone warning of conspiracy theories in the next paragraph? Wait for the book ;-))



Here I am in my, time out? Intending to write this book. A book, not  ‘this’ one. ‘This’ you will have noticed is not a book. It started as a hello and a thank you and I’ll come back to the intention after a little more tangent taking meanderings that are taking this ‘post’ to some length.

As I said, “this post is a thank you.” I am grateful. I am grateful for SO many things. For the duvet as I snuggle up or lay in. I am grateful to the ducks or geese that filled it with down. (Yes, ‘they’ did it themselves. It wasn’t a factory process 🙂 )
I am grateful that I grew out of the allergy to all of those slightly irritating things. I wonder, on a tangent, why so many are irritated by feathers and dust mite and more are not genuinely made ill by false foods, bad air, chemically infested waters and the like in our world today.
None of these mornings from that day to this have been late risings from my protected land of duvet. It’s not a Never Never land of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys where they and never grow old. Not that this is in any way a bad principle but how many tangents can we take in one paragraph? It’s more of a Maybe Someday land – of dreams and visions yet to be realised.
I am not even sure of how many tangents that I have started upon, not followed through and the numerous others that I have not even begun to venture into.  “TODAY” two whole days ago when I started this blog post has somewhat, somehow disappeared. Dissipated.  Not so much the over indulgence part of dissipating but the frittering away. I am probably guilty of both. Indulging myself continually in the simple pleasure of being alive. Breathing. Feeling. Imagine the simplicity of such. Is this so wrong?

I have been unable to write. I may not yet return to writing though this hello, thank you, you are never forgotten message is a process. One that I enjoy where I hope to communicate effectively and in doing so enhance the feeling and consequently do some more. 

I have been reading your blogs and lots of other stuff. I’ve failed to keep up with the too many subscriptions I have taken and I must admit that I have had to skim and leave aside for later many, though not as many as I have had to guiltily skip past. Thankfully the largest number I have read. 


I have been and intend (more good intentions) to continue taking note of the things around me. Enjoying the breeze, the flowers, the birds and the trees (yes it is meant to rhyme ;-)) The tranquility of all that I see and experience whilst on this path. I’m still following it and enjoying the steady no rush and release from any desire to achieve anything, other than enjoy it. Is that wrong? Is it selfish? Should I not be contributing to society? (Again, wait for the book.) What is the true purpose of life? Is it not to, simply be happy? 

Are we missing the point with the structured and controlled society that has been built, city upon town; written, collated in computer based libraries, printed document over handwritten account since the beginning of bartering and monetary value (aka time as we know it)?


Do I feel guilty? – a socially imposed unnecessary feeling that I cannot even mention without thinking of stories of the hypocrisy of catholic guilt. And in my guilt gilded cage of insufficient contribution I am even failing my own good intentions.  The writing ones and I’m sure that I can list many more without too much effort. 

But (generally a word of negative inference, not here!) I accept that failing is a part of life. Even when trying with all sincerity to follow ones true calling, there are many voices competing to be heard out there.

The sounds of society, rather busy providing justification for further contributions to its’ constant cries for more. I hear the pre-socratic argument between scepticism and empiricism, intellect taking evidence from the senses and providing proofs against them that could not have been provided without them.  

Intellect says, Colour by custom/convention, sweet, bitter, hot, cold all these are just names given and in reality (there is nothing but) atoms and void.

The senses reply, ‘Wretched intellect! You get your evidence from us and then you try to overthrow us? Our overthrow is your downfall.’


The argument of course takes a full spiralling circle with the thought that ‘what the senses cannot apprehend must be grasped by the intellect.’

Neither can exist without the other.
Is it that this, possibly original, debate for supremacy within ourselves is in itself the origins of supply and demand? Is it the push and pull of an innate competitive nature that is responsible for the greed of mankind?

No. And at this point I must pull back from the path of that tangent, for the path is long and it is not my intention to go down it now. (Again, please wait for the book. I did say ‘please.’ 😉 )


I have re-found that path I started out on.
It is the path of gratitude and I would really like to thank, well, so much!
The colours of the spectrum and all of those that I am as yet unable to perceive.  The wind, the breeze (not in my hair yet still, its feel and all that it carries as it crosses my skin
;-)) and the air that I breathe. Its smell, well the smells of plants, of grass and foods and life. My feeling and feelings – all of them good and bad. Nature and even a lot of seemingly unnatural ‘stuff’. All of ours senses and our sharing. So much more and so many people.

All of you reading this please feel my thanks. I’d like too to thank many that will not read this blog.
My friends, all of them.  Especially a couple (not a couple as holding hands in a relationship but a couple as two). But there are a couple who will read it. So thank you too to you two 🙂 And the couple of specific thanks are more than a couple, more than a few. I wish to thank all that I cannot share words with and I hope that the ‘feeling’ I extend as I walk past people with a smile on my face is that – and not concern for the stark raving loony 🙂

As for the number that I would like to thank for being my friends, that is all of them, in different ways and for different aspects of our friendships.  

I consider myself extremely lucky with a relative (pun intended) number of friends that I can call ‘real’ friends. The definitions of real are of course personal to each of us and at no time in any way do I mean to imply that my definition or perspective is the right one. It just works for me.
So I have more friends than I do family though for the few members of my family I give thanks too. Thanks to those who are no longer, on all accounts. For everybody that has ever played any part touching my life. This could continue for pages especially if I get into any details, which is why I haven’t. Thank YOU. Yes YOU!


I appreciate so much WordsFallFromMyEyes questioning my absence and ever so much more her telling me that she has read everything that I have posted! Wow! The good, the bad and the ugly!? Thank you N’n. I’d like also to thank and hope that she posts soon. And Whimsical Rebel. Mostly this post is because of you guys and Busy Mind Thinking.  

Today WordsFallFromMyEyes posted: 


I couldn’t help my response,
For you, for all people who have the strength and show it by overcoming your obstacles I have an idea, an approach that I am working on: 

‘What obstacles?’

Life, just the everyday relatively unfocused existence throws things into our paths. Are these obstacles or building blocks?
Then we have the focus, the place where we are going, it may not be as far from us as we think? Just like heaven actually being here on earth and all around us. (OK there are a minority making a true pigsty of our beautiful back yard.)


Another such lady, taking the pains of everyday life and turning them to beauty is Busy Mind Thinking.  

In the midst of all that she is experiencing she has the time and thought and presence to nominate me for not one, but two awards. 

Little ‘me?!’ 

I am not trying to appear bashful or coy. Not even to shrink my deserving here. We are all deserving, yet it is never-the-less humbling and emotion stimulating to be nominated as it is to be recognised for doing good in whatever way we may. 

Why is that? Crazy isn’t it?
Should we not all be recognising and announcing the good, the beauty, the purity and right in our world?  The skills and value that each and every one of us has to bring to each and very equation. Recognising, supporting, developing the good that there is in every situation. 

I want the world to be able to share them, be interested instead of threatened by others opinions and experiences. I want the world to learn to communicate and truly share and build a heaven that is ours. (I seem to want a lot?!)

Imagine how our world could be! Should be.. CAN be… There I go again, off to Duvet Maybe Someday Baby land 😉

Again, “Should we not all be recognising and announcing the good, the beauty, the purity and right in our world?”

Of course we should. 

It isn’t easy is it? 

With so much presented of a negative nature. Just turn on the TV and we are confronted with news, bad news makes news it seems. Drama, people’s crises. Somehow we focus on these and the gossip of non-existent characters lives in soap operas to make us feel better about our own?

WTF? Sorry but that fits. 

Back from that tangentification… TWO awards! WOW! I am truly grateful – thank you!!



And here they are. I will follow this paragraph with some complying to the conditions of accepting these awards.

I am happy and mentally energetic this lunchtime.  I have received a couple of likes on my blog posts. That’s all it takes to make me happy, a little involvement, some feedback. It takes me off on more tangents than I can, ‘shake a stick at.’ Is that the phrase? A little violent in its origin? I mean, why would you shake a stick at something? It’s certainly a step up from the shaking of one’s head in disapproval or disappointment. Waggling one’s finger in a ‘don’t do that’ manner. At any rate, to shake at all the directions I have allowed myself to be led down on all of my today’s I’d need a forest and a whole lot of arms. It’s already mid afternoon.

Complying to rules: Not one of my fortes 😉
This in itself is one of the reasons, finding the rules to comply to is ‘always’ harder than it need be. So here are some pertaining to acceptance of these awards. I’m posting them here to help the following people accept their own. In searching for guidance I came across more, ‘why I do not accept …’ posts than actual advice on how to.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • I have already done so yet for good measure and because thanks is nice to give, Thank YOU twice again Busy Mind Thinking.  OX
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • See above
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  • I follow about that many yet let us see if I can do so. Justifying simply giving awards to the people on my list because they are there. Pros and cons here yet that seems to work. One thing is for sure, we ALL deserve recognition and all as much as I do so…
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  • 15 bloggers who deserve recognition:
  1. Under The Blue Door
  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes
  3. VodkaWasMyMuse  ok N’n you may think this slightly awry from the rules. F..k the rules!
  4. Whimsical Rebel – Where are you?
  5. Papa Angst! – you relieve my unspent ball of stress 😉
  6. Hastywords
  7. Women Who Think Too Much By Jeanne Marie
  8. Http://
  9. Fun Girls Live Better! – they do indeed 😉
  10. Lolabees
  11. Fatherhood And The Uptown Nerd
  12. Heartflow2013 – Thank you for some grounding.
  13. Mybeautfulthings – for recognition of those things, you deserve recognition.
  14. Nothing By The Book – Damn! You should be higher up on this list.. The next and last will be hard!
  15. To Be Aware – last but not least for we all should BeAware!
  • OK I’ll tell you all and BB (your new pseudonym? 😉 will of course receive the list.
  1. I am truthfully not that comfortable talking about myself.
  2. I am an idealist. Not a socialist, communist or (m)any other ist(s) 😉
  3. I am not working, due in the main to my accident (the last of eight to date) and am discovering how to enjoy the most minimalistic life yet retain quality within it.
  4. I wish, as much as anything that I have children.
  5. I want to see the positive in everything, in everyone is easier yet some ‘things’ and a few people representing things do piss me off..
  6. I’m struggling for simple enough things to tell you – you can tell.
  7. Is my lucky number. Not that I really believe in such things. It’s not due to my birthday being on the seventh but a guitar we had when I was young. On its, headstock (I had to look that up. I love the internet.) Does that make eight things?) the guitar was named ‘Lucky Seven.’ I cannot play the guitar. 




About JJBollOX

This is an update. The slight humour aka sarcasm will be lost on anyone who hasn't read this before the update. I am, still a British male. Still living but not in Switzerland. I intend to remain, living and male. When I wrote before I had "spent the better part of two months negotiating the change in my self identity. Unemployed and sharing home with a now ex-girlfriend. I've moved. Moved on. Maybe a year has passed by. Have I moved in an upward direction? Is upward the only way to go if we are to expand, broaden and grow? Realistically, the most dramatic (not exactly decisive) direction I have taken in the time was down. Down, down and deeper than down. I fell off of a mountain. My life got complicated yet simple. This in itself is a fair summary of my personality. I have posted the first words of blogs to be written which I would like to turn into a book. 'A normal life.' Let's see how well and how fruitfully I can express my frustrations, pain, healing process and the constant changes that are life.
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13 Responses to Thank you’s awarded!

  1. Your post was/is awesome; but then, I knew it would be! Congrats friend and I’m so happy you’re writing here. Thank you for touching me deeply with your kindness. I am sending a huge hug and kiss for support as you continue on your journey here! Belinda

    • JJBollOX says:

      Thank you again and always. I have just re-formatted a bit and corrected some spelling errors. I understand why editing your own stuff is not always successful, I read the words that I mean to write rather than the ones that I’ve actually written! So the pictures of your awards now appear – than you again 🙂 That I touch you deeply with my kindness is again for me to thank you. In the true spirit of this post I continue thanking you for the hug and kiss and support and so on we go, to read your overnight work 🙂 OX

      • lisaelskerarvid says:

        😃😃😃Takk. ahhh ok😃 er ikke bare med oss kvinner😃Håper du treffer den rette og blir pappa😉

      • lisaelskerarvid says:

        I’d like to be a teardrop in your eyes,
        to slip down your face, to pass on your lips…
        whenever you sleep, send me your dreams…
        whenever you laugh, send me your smiles…
        whenever you weep, send me your teardrops –
        they are the words of your heart,
        in each one, there’s always a glimmer of hope… klem lisa mari😃

  2. Thanks for the thanks. I’ll be posting soon. I’m trying to figure out things like background images. And organizing my thoughts. peace, xx

    • JJBollOX says:

      Continuing with the thanks I wish you luck with working out the site formatting issues. Considering this is possibly the best free to use site, it’s often very restrictive and frustrating. I wonder what others think and there are forums chatting about problems. I would suggest always writing and formatting in word – congratulations on your PC! 🙂 – then copy and paste into WPress as it has managed to come up with an error and lose my complete work before even though I believed I’d saved the draft ..
      I look forward to your somewhat better organised than my own thoughts soon 🙂 OX

      • lisaelskerarvid says:

        Blir så fascinert av det du skriver og måten du skriver og utrykker deg på😃Aldri for sent med barn😀Tror du ville blitt et flott pappa😊

      • JJBollOX says:

        Thank you – are you testing my ability to reference re Google translate? I often have bad internet connectioN. ONE TIME I’LL BE UNABLE AND TRULY TESTED. Ah… Capital lock….
        Thank you again for all that you have said. I hope it’s not too late, I’ve always been great with children, it’s women I have a problem with ;D) Thank you very very much! Ox

  3. JJBollOX says:

    Thank you again, and so very much for reading so much 🙂 In response to your “😃Takk. ahhh ok😃 …” (second) comment, I thank you again: I wasn’t attaching much blame to the identified problem 😉 Neither one way or the other 🙂 Ox

  4. JJBollOX says:

    “Une larme suffit pour mieux voir…”(Marc Gendron) larmes aident à dégager une vision personnelle, mais c’est après qu’ils ont passé et nous sécher nos yeux que nous voyons peut-être mieux?
    Mais en fet, merci beaucoup 🙂 Ox = Hug and a kiss 🙂 A big hug and a little kiss as you are a married lady 😉 Really, thank you. Why did you post this poem here? Though it is, as you say, ‘lovely’ 🙂

  5. lolabees says:

    A big giant thank you right back at you, JJ! Well, i can’t imagine ever getting bored if I was in your head. There is definitely a lot going on in there! 😉 Great post.

    I love your reference to adults implying that bored kids are actually boring. I haven’t thought of that in so many years, and it made me chuckle (along with your clarification of “a couple”.) I don’t think I get bored anymore. There is always something to do. If I’m bored, it really is about me, not my surroundings or what there is to do. I do believe it’s usually an indicator of something else going on. Maybe we get bored because we want to– we are procrastinating and don’t really want to do anything? Maybe it is the guilt kicking in that makes us blame the boredom on not having anything to do vs. choosing not to do anything? I don’t know. I’m already getting bored with the topic. 😉

    • JJBollOX says:

      Thank you 🙂 I ‘think’ (sometimes 😉 Bored is quite probably a word that allows us to avoid explaining how we really feel; indeed it gives us space in which not to even think about it? There I go, thinking again 😉
      I think that I should head off and read something that you have written to put my thoughts in order 🙂

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Hi John!

    I’m so sorry to take this long to get here. And I’m chuffed on arrival! Bloody work bla bla, I knew when I saw your new posting in my in box I would need TIME to relax with it.

    You have a meandering way of expression. I do wonder how fast you type because my gosh that’s a lot of words!

    Thank you for the thanks, and also the millions of bits in between. You’re so interesting 🙂

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