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Here’s a video, take a look. Enter please. Please win. Write from your heart. (If, like me it’s not about the winning but the participation, you’ll have already won 🙂 Tell me, tell the world what matters. If it’s political, humanistic or as cosmetic as the wrapping paper on a Curly Wurly®, I hope that I read it and am influenced by your perception. I further dare to hope that you will make me laugh.

This makes me worry for what follows. I’m told that I am funny, I take it as a real compliment. I’d love to be a stand up comedian, life is funny. I am quite sure that I’ve not used the following material in at all an amusing manner. Oh well, laugh at me if not with me that is equally good 🙂

The chance to communicate truly freely, freedom – of the internet – so many tangents: like a child in a sweet shop not knowing in which direction to turn. There is so much out there on the web, it has taken me days to write this.  I start and a whoosh and a ping cross my broadside (imagining that I am a pirate aboard a large wooden ship of five centuries past: allow me my benign indulgences as I welcome yours).
I have an email, it takes my interest. I follow its’ course and look at one thing. Just one. I question myself as I spend a seemingly ridiculous amount of time arranging my emails with smart mail boxes taking things into their appropriately categorised homes. Filtering junk, unsubscribing from crap that I am pretty certain I never subscribed to in the first place. I decide this to be worthwhile housekeeping.
At this moment of writing I have 44 unopened emails. That’s really not bad, not a great amount in this era of electronic communication. Yet they are seldom spam. They are mostly of interest.
Open one. “Go on I dare you,” it says to me as my mouse cursor glides over them hoping to put some in the trash. The feeling of time slipping away from me still pursues that inner guilt weakness as I do something that I enjoy.
Inevitably I succumb and open one, ‘just one.’ That one is enough and it whisks me off on a magical carpet ride of many clouds to visit.

There is a recurring theme within this post to most of my other posts. I do not have a problem with that. This does not mean that I am obsessed, with anything. There is a link within everything. A substructure, an undeniable, irremovable, element of each ‘thing.’  That is us.

We make all as it is, for it is how we see ‘it’, how we explain ‘it’, aloud or within. How we perceive and project. You, I, we, us: No matter what ‘it’ may be, if we say it often enough, read it, hear it, see it advertised, even badly. That thing becomes an integral part of our worlds. And I open, one mail, click on the link to read more than the introduction, get taken to another that inspired the first, shown a video, a piece of art, a photograph that takes its’ turn to take me to others. Other photo’s, other places, other people, others lives. Here and there amongst it all I am at The Big Blog Exchange. (If you have watched the video you will understand).

So many blogs, so many votes, so many directions all roads leading to .…, the destination may be less important than the journey. My destiny it seems may be to appreciate life’s circles that I am swirling around? I ‘kind of’ remember a quote: something to do with not playing any practical part in life yet at the same time experiencing everything. ‘Kind of’, I think that I knew where it came from but an hour has passed with my searching for it.
Why is it that we rely on others words to support our own, in this case to replace my own attempt, when it is words that we all use in every day communication that send me to writing blogs and the like?
Is it not my attempt to communicate in a better way? Better? More effectively? More? To further what I feel that we (yes a change of person from the first to the infinite number) have inside of us. For ourselves, for or with others?

A balance of most things is but a moment in the constant movement that enables life.
I quite often hear somebody state that they are not doing something for others, that they are doing it for themselves. An example that comes to mind is a woman dressing up to go out and changing her outfit several times, spending a relative amount of time checking the mirror image. She states that she is dressing for herself; not for anybody else to look at.
I appreciate that writing something down is a great method of working something out, be it a plan to build a new world or a fine tuning of expressing ones feelings. Whatever, it works for many and is ‘doing it for one’s self.’ I fully agree that in doing something we should do it for the love of doing it. Not as an end to a means.  Then, to a greater degree, we would do, whatever we do, for ourselves. Yet the majority of people, sadly, have jobs that they do not love. A large number of people don’t even love the wage that it earns them. (If that is the end to the means or the means to other ends.) So how realistic doing whatever you do with love is, is questionable.
Yet, like the woman dressing for herself, would she feel good for herself if nobody else thought that she looked good?  Perhaps not even a word of compliment is needed, yet the ‘feeling’ that she feels good, looks good: surely this is affected by her perception of others perception of her? If you feel this going round in circles, good.

Acknowledging that we all need time away, ‘me’ time and that some are naturally less social at heart than others. No matter how introverted, reclusive, or solitary a person may be we are as we are because of our various (and complex) interactions with others through life. We are all more alike than we are different. Anybody disagreeing will surely accept the point that (most of us) have two arms, two legs, one head and all the associated tissues that make us human.

As a species so challenged with opportunity here I am, overwhelmed with one.  The web itself is a tool, a tissue of our complex beings that offers us the vast integumentary system that binds us human. This Big Blog Exchange. Networking that really works. Our common interest in each other.
Freedom of communication, saying what we ‘feel’ and others having the chance to take time to hear it. (It’s amazing how language develops. English has become the accepted language of media. Films, literature, art. Love in a language shared and ever developing.) Grammatically, of course we cannot write and have our message ‘heard’. We cannot text, “speak soon”and be correct. Can we? Language is ours, expression and accepted manner of such is ours too. So, I say, yes we can.

I spend so many hours reading so many of others ideas. So much written in a non first language by many that I begin to feel a fraud with English as my mother tongue. I still haven’t managed to vote, always today and today (in many ways thankfully) becomes tomorrow.
This (a comment that I left elsewhere) has become part of my post today which will be the one that I try to link in whatever way to this exchange. Fingers crossed as I click on links and read and return, to a new place. Yes, that is possible.

Dizzy with appreciation of sharing I am happily immersed. Off I go to vote for us all.


For those of you wishing to vote for me -ALL of you 🙂
Click the big pink VOTE button.. It’s not about winning, really. Yet some recognition that my effort is worthwhile? That what I care about matters to others too? That my attempt to communicate is understood?
Please ‘LIKE’ and leave comments here on my blog site. It is from here that  voting can be influenced apparently. (So what’s the voting button for?)
You can also leave comments on FBook, Google +, Twitter, Twatter Pitter Patter whatever and wherever you may wish. As I’ve said before somewhere, failing all else light a fire ‘safely’ and send some smoke signals. If you can get BollOX up into the skies I’m sure that your communication will be noted 🙂


About JJBollOX

This is an update. The slight humour aka sarcasm will be lost on anyone who hasn't read this before the update. I am, still a British male. Still living but not in Switzerland. I intend to remain, living and male. When I wrote before I had "spent the better part of two months negotiating the change in my self identity. Unemployed and sharing home with a now ex-girlfriend. I've moved. Moved on. Maybe a year has passed by. Have I moved in an upward direction? Is upward the only way to go if we are to expand, broaden and grow? Realistically, the most dramatic (not exactly decisive) direction I have taken in the time was down. Down, down and deeper than down. I fell off of a mountain. My life got complicated yet simple. This in itself is a fair summary of my personality. I have posted the first words of blogs to be written which I would like to turn into a book. 'A normal life.' Let's see how well and how fruitfully I can express my frustrations, pain, healing process and the constant changes that are life.
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13 Responses to Global Community Blogging

  1. Anja says:

    Cupcakes are NOT small >.<

  2. JJBollOX says:

    Mmm, I responded, maybe on your site?
    I wrote something along the lines of, ‘I’ never said anything diminutive about cupcakes. They could be small or massive depending on the baker. Either way they are a bit nancy pantsy poofta to be real cakes 😀

  3. Anja says:

    lol! it was in the video as a remark. Saying cupcakes are small. hug!

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Hey, this sounds great! Well, haven’t looked at the web site, but the concept of power of change and local to extended community. The cup cakes I’m not much into, but admit that I do frequent ‘FashionForLunch’ – a fashion blog from a very sassy young woman with lovely style, in the UK.

    When you wrote ‘there is a link within everything’, it had just crossed my mind how many of your words were hyperlinked (probably not by you) & then I thought ‘a LINK’ within ‘everything’ and saw the word was not hyperlinked and… I know this is nonsensical, but yeah, so in short, there wasn’t a link within EVERYTHING, this occasion.


    44 emails IS a lot if you ask me, and I would consider that stressful.

    Twatter pitter patter – ah, love you, Johnny!

    I have FB but none of the rest, & will like you on that – and hey, perhaps we can be friends? Not like in school when some girls went around saying, ‘Lez be friends’, but different…

    Easy to click your like button, Johnny.

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oi Johnny – you entered, right? Well I did too and you get a link via email (in the same first email you get, saying hit this link to complete your registration). You’re meant to POST THAT on your page. You see, I can’t find you on it so as to vote for you. POST THAT link (not the one completing reg but the other) on your page, and people get directed straight to YOU in the comp & they vote for you. Look at my page r-h side to see.

    I chose DASHBOARD, WIDGETS and then that widget which says you can enter TEXT/ARBITRARY HOTMAIL (I think it was). Get your badge up Johnny, & I’ll vote for you.

    Also, don’t know if you want, but I have no idea how to find you on FB. If you want to friend on Facebook, seek ‘Noeleen Ginnane’ & friend me. I’ve only just joined this FB thing & don’t plan to have multitudes of friends, which actually reflects a vast loneliness to me because no-one REALLY has that many friends. That is, I plan to friend people I actually have a connection of SOME kind, with.

    Anyway, good luck 🙂 N.

  6. Pingback: A perpetual anti-climax, actually | WordsFallFromMyEyes

  7. lolabees says:

    I just entered a contest too, and even though I knew I’d never get enough votes to win, it’s still nice to know that your friends, family, and blogging friends support you enough to take 2 seconds to vote!! You said, “It’s not about winning, really. Yet some recognition that my effort is worthwhile? That what I care about matters to others too? That my attempt to communicate is understood?” I totally get it. Good luck. Maybe you and WordsFallFromMyEyes can switch lives. 😉

    • JJBollOX says:

      I saw, or rather I watched your video for the Biggest Baddest Bucket List and if the entry date were not passed I would certainly be voting for you. I hope that you make it, certainly in the final ten meaning that you will come to London. I started following Lesley Carter, not for her writing really but because I am inspired by her go get, get and do approach, outlook, attitude even. Yours is doubly inspiring in part because your writing is brilliant and also because I feel a humility, a soft respect for everything that comes through your confidence with magnanimity.
      This is the reason I am following your blog. Because I will gain immensely from your writing.
      I was so very honoured when a fellow WPress blogger wrote that I had climbed into her head and written out her thoughts! You haven’t done that to me yet you write, if you do not mind me saying, in my words. Many I have read of yours are as if, I could have written them. Or wish that I had. I hope that you take the compliment intended as I took that which I received from Anja.
      It would be something else to visit exchange with WordsFallFrom MyEyes, though I will be almost as happy if she visits if she wins 🙂

      • lolabees says:

        Wow, thank you so much. That is very kind of you, and I feel equally honored by what you have said. That is what is so great about this process– you can meet people that are so different in so many ways, yet through these different experiences, we can still share such universal feelings and thoughts and truly relate. I can say the same for your writing. I look forward to observing your journey as you go up or down or whichever direction it takes you! And yes, London would be nice. I love it there!

  8. I dress for myself but also for others. The art of self-adornment is one I enjoy. Walking down the street in a silver sequined tank top on a sunny day, I reflect the light to others, like a disco ball. I shimmer, I add sparkle to the world around me. What fun there is to be had wearing sequins in the sun. Some will not approve of my bending of the rules. Some will think me a whore. But the ones that matter will find joy in the reflections of sunlight I cast about, and those who feel joy and share my own are the only one’s that matter. (Children tend to get it more than adults.)

    • JJBollOX says:

      Thank you for reading and writing; communicating, sharing of your sequinned sparkly self: is there a YouTube video to accompany this? 😎☀

      • Nope, sorry. I am more often taking pics than posing for them. Although, I do have some self portraits. Interesting bodyscapes I often used back in my internet dating days. LOL. That’s a topic for a book in and of itself. Perhaps I should hire myself out as a consultant on writing dating profiles… My natural talent for marketing served me well. “Tired of playing with Barbies?” One of my fave headlines…

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