All New 2, too, to..

That is not a new style university degree. It’s a title aimed to provoke consideration of contrast in meaning. Semantics, politics, whatever floats your boat and influences you. This article is about you, them, all different and much more the same.

It’s not about me, so starts my introduction to my blogs, paradoxically and appropriately entitled ‘About me’.

It’s not about my life, neither is it about my way of seeing things?

These statements end with a question mark and the answer, like all things is bigger than, longer a tangent than this post should take. It is a recurring theme throughout all that I am writing of late. What we write is about what we feel, right? How much of it, just as in the degree to which our speech, is tailored to an audience?

For a world failing to communicate.
Take time. Give time – This time and every time.

It may be our only time.

We must be the change that we wish to see.

So reads the signature of my email.  Now that I’ve posted it here I am immediately conscious of a need to change it. Like the guy who always looks smart yet appears to be wearing the same clothes, dark jacket, black buttoned sweater below it, blue jeans and black shoes . . .You imagine a wardrobe full of the same.

The point of this post, my part of it; ongoing conversation. A sharing of other opinions. A sharing of oneself (in the third person?)  It may be all that I have to justify my existence?

Many would argue that it is the persons actions not their words that define them. What if my best actions are the words which I choose?  You are reading them. You are the judge and jury. It is my sharing them that is important for me.

My reading of your own words, my sharing another’s words in physical audible conversation.  It’s not as easy.

Here I can write as I imagine a good reaction. Face to face, even over a communication line (I would have written telephone, yet (not so new) technology often means that we speak over other internet based mediums) is not as free. Worrying about offending the other(s), causing conflict, wanting them to be happy.. The balance when I can challenge another person on their words seems itself balanced between the words that they use and my relationship with them.

Is this good for the longevity of human kind? A measured, fabricated, lied about image hidden behind clever words of the moment and quips off the cuff? One-upmanship and walk away left looking good for another day? In whose eyes? For how long? How many times can a smart mouth knock back others before someone knocks the asshole down?

Speaking with a very good friend on the phone (a real phone) some eight hundred miles away I can challenge his words with a small amount of diplomacy. I recognise the power base. The fact that personally do not want to be overbearing, demonstrative, overly assertive or cause discomfort is laid aside due to necessity. The overall need to make a point because there is one (even in order that there actually is one?) Though there needn’t always be. Conversation for the sake of sharing and consideration. For, ‘the longer arc`?

Already I have taken a tangent far away from my intended direction. That being – the need for the new.

My inspiration follows, Seth Godin’s post running six short paragraphs in length poking some fingers at some points of questionable value. The ever-increasing pace or replacing of all that is with something new, for the sake of it being new?

Already time; practically a week has passed since he wrote his lines. Is my reaction too old now to be worthy of consideration?

As another tangent flies in from a sideline: (I consider that, if this were an actual, verbal conversation, this little blip in continuity would be just that; a blip, mere seconds maybe a minute.  OK maybe a couple.. )

Would it, should it matter. ”In the ‘longer arc,” if things are meant to last? If we are going to look at the longer term benefits. .

Oh yes, back to that tangent, for the sake of conversation and real consideration and just how long that would last if each of us were not only given the time to find a voice yet encouraged and facilitated to find our words. Words of value and sincerity; not leaving out a healthy measure of humour and it’s fine element, sarcasm.

No matter how perfect we may see a world, fantasy and idealism will always be other than is in some-bodies eyes. In a world with time where all – or the vast majority’ pursued the best for the sake of it being the best. In that world where each helped an other and profit was valued as such. Wouldn’t we find ways to make things that last a lifetime and improve them without waste and lose a need to build in a time line of deterioration for a profit margin ever-widening from the cost of world waste.

Back to (one of) my tangent(s).  I would very much like to create a social site that appears a little like an iPhone (and probably many smart phone) text conversations. Speech bubbles linked in a mind map style. A wide, full-page, full screen carte blanche becoming populated by thoughts and speech. Arrows denoting that one led to another, different colours denoting, well, different things. Thought bubbles for incomplete thoughts or expressions that we are not so sure that we should be sharing? The oops, did I think that aloud?  I started a children’s story once, among the many other started ideas. This one told the story of a group of children that had learnt to project visibly their thought bubbles, visible to them but not adults.  This is the basis of my social site platform.

This is not that. This is intended to be of contribution to a conversation and in it I hope to (have) use(d) words that will cause somebody, as many other bodies as possible to relate. If I can help another say, ‘yeah, that’s what I want to say..that’s what I feel’ then I have helped. No?  For how long?  Like those hit records and films, easier, faster, more in quantity tends to be an accepted paradox resulting in less quality. Will my words be remembered?

Through education and qualification required ‘evidence base’ it appears that we must back whatever we say by showing that somebody in someway creditworthy said something similar, alluding to and supporting it before we did. Why? The moment of original thought is lost, like the new…?

Like the hit record for some pop group with some such name as, Girls on the Corner, or Boys Being Quiet.  Now that’s a new song their song, says nine year old Sean, or thirteen year old Samantha. No, no discredit to their youthful inexperience. ‘Er, no. It’s a copy of a Rolling Stones number from when I was your age.’ comes my response, again. The rejection of my taking away their moment begins with denial leading soon to a quick iTunes search and acceptance of the fact. The moment of discovery has been stolen and instead of feeling an educator, I feel like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Is nothing new anymore?

So let’s enjoy it while we can, help me share my load.. as Van Morrison sang in 1979.
For me, yesterday. For the youth and neophiliacs of today: hmmm, am I of yesterday and theirs is today?

Tomorrow is already here writes Seth Godin. Tomorrow never comes others would argue. Maybe it’s all there for each and everyone, all of us, the day after today?

How soon will we run out of space out with the old to make space for the new?

How economically viable in every sense of the term can it be to replace at a lesser cost than repair?

Where will the waste fall by the wayside? Which way and how far away before it is piling up on every side?

Why is that we still consider good business, good manufacturing and marketing to be in producing something at a cost allowing enough profit for long enough. (Feel free anybody to enter an argument on the semantics of my definition. Please. For the good of all, not for the glory of right over wrong.)

How short-sighted can we be? When will we look at and see the lesser impact on natural resources, not only as legal regulated limitations impose? When will we look at the cost implications to people and the planet and work together for a better future?

Free market competition creates this? BollOX!

In a world where there is a, “place where your refrigerator could be connected to the Internet, so it could order groceries when they ran low. Your dinner plate could post to a social network what you’re eating. Your robot could go to the office while you stay home in your pyjamas”¨

New York Times,  and 

Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams  Published: November 13, 2011

Free enterprise separates those who have and those who don’t into different worlds.  Somewhere a few are thinking of ways to make it better. Too many are dreaming and wishing it could be better than bad and a relative few are wasting a world of opportunity and can’t or don’t feel a need to see a longer arc.


Seth Godin 24112012 WordPress

A generation ago, a clever idea could run and run. We talked about Space Food Sticks and Tang and Gilligan’s Island and the Batmobile for years, even though there certainly wasn’t a lot of depth. Hit movies and books stayed on the bestseller lists for months or even years (!) Today, an internet video or an investment philosophy or a political moment might last for weeks or even a few days. It’s not unusual for a movie or a book or even a TV series to come and go before most people notice it. Neophilia has fundamentally changed the culture. The result is that there’s an increasing desire, almost a panic, for something new. Yesterday was a million years ago, and tomorrow is already here. The rush for new continues to increase, and it is now surpassing our ability to satisfy it. When that need can’t be filled (which is not surprising, if you think about it) then we’re inclined to declare that it’s the end, the end of new ideas, the end of progress, the end of everything that’s interesting. Spend a week or two watching TED videos and once you catch up, you might find yourself saying, “sure, but what’s new now?” If you’re in the business of making a new thing, this churn may be an opportunity, because it’s easier now than ever to send a hit up the pop charts, whatever sort of pop you make. But it comes at a price, which is that it won’t last, and you’ll quickly have to go back and make another one. The real opportunity, I think, is in trying to build longer arcs. Now that the cycle of new is eating itself in a race to ever-faster, there’s a bigger chance to make long term change by consistently focusing on what works (and what’s important), not what’s new and merely shiny. What’s important, what’s always important, is useful change.


About JJBollOX

This is an update. The slight humour aka sarcasm will be lost on anyone who hasn't read this before the update. I am, still a British male. Still living but not in Switzerland. I intend to remain, living and male. When I wrote before I had "spent the better part of two months negotiating the change in my self identity. Unemployed and sharing home with a now ex-girlfriend. I've moved. Moved on. Maybe a year has passed by. Have I moved in an upward direction? Is upward the only way to go if we are to expand, broaden and grow? Realistically, the most dramatic (not exactly decisive) direction I have taken in the time was down. Down, down and deeper than down. I fell off of a mountain. My life got complicated yet simple. This in itself is a fair summary of my personality. I have posted the first words of blogs to be written which I would like to turn into a book. 'A normal life.' Let's see how well and how fruitfully I can express my frustrations, pain, healing process and the constant changes that are life.
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