The Big Bang

So it’s like this: Nothing starts from nothing. There has to be ‘something’ to make something more of and therefore all atheists that believe the earth was created from nothing are wrong!
OK there are subtleties in this conversation that I am listening to – twists, use of words to mean other than the meaning with which they were iterated. Surely?  It doesn’t seem like it as I listen to the criticism of the. . .  damn! What are they called? Naturalists? Yes. Not naturists. They are the guys (plural non gender specific term 😉 who take off their clothes on beaches and everywhere possible in declaration of the rights of nudism. If so why they are not exclusively termed nudists I cannot say.
At times in search of the word, a particular word that I cannot find. I find myself in a little bit of a state, of uncertainty certain that I will push myself out into an open space of simply not knowing – a state of the norm for me.  I wish that there were a web site facilitating this. (The word search rather than the state).  I guess that you could argue that Google or any search engine is that.  But not exactly. To be able to type in a search for, the word describing people who talk about the essence and origin of beginnings? A WikiWordia. A site that could expand to levels of Thesaurus, definition, description, discussion and example of actual use. Even extending to translation in other languages and actual use in those languages. A real dictionary based encyclopaedia Brittanica on the web. Of course certain levels beyond base basic would inevitably require membership and membership beyond allowing consumer research companies (and other larger institutes) data collection. Membership that costs.  A great idea so why am I not setting it up myself? A valid question. If, however you read this and decide to implement the idea then a little recognition would be nice; how about a job?
Already a theme appears, I am taken to thoughts of my FaceBook entry on this blog.

All of this and I’m already running around in the ever DECREASING circle(s)


About JJBollOX

This is an update. The slight humour aka sarcasm will be lost on anyone who hasn't read this before the update. I am, still a British male. Still living but not in Switzerland. I intend to remain, living and male. When I wrote before I had "spent the better part of two months negotiating the change in my self identity. Unemployed and sharing home with a now ex-girlfriend. I've moved. Moved on. Maybe a year has passed by. Have I moved in an upward direction? Is upward the only way to go if we are to expand, broaden and grow? Realistically, the most dramatic (not exactly decisive) direction I have taken in the time was down. Down, down and deeper than down. I fell off of a mountain. My life got complicated yet simple. This in itself is a fair summary of my personality. I have posted the first words of blogs to be written which I would like to turn into a book. 'A normal life.' Let's see how well and how fruitfully I can express my frustrations, pain, healing process and the constant changes that are life.
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