‘Middle’ lane?

The following is my response to the excerpt of a blog from Mark Williams. But, like films and stories this will start with the end first. Or at least my five minutes may get read before his.

Brilliant and I so agree. Just one small point, hopefully I will not start ranting

The LEFT lane is not the ‘slow’ lane, as I appreciate it is so often termed. Neither is the RIGHT lane, the ‘fast’ lane. The left hand lane is ‘the normal driving lane’ the other TWO lanes are ‘overtaking’ lanes from which the highway code requires you to move back to the left when safe.
“I’ll be overtaking again in a minute” say ‘friends’ of mine, as a number of cars are forced into the ‘outside (right hand) lane. I give up arguing. Primarily as I must raise my hand to having had my fair share of accidents and probably the share of a couple of other people too. (Incidentally only one on the motorway) As a driving instructor friend of mine phrases it, ‘(I) have accidents, not because my driving skill or ability is lacking. I can be very safe but, (it’s a BIG BUT) (I) take risks.’ This is not something I’m overly nonchalant or in any way proud of.
So I need to be extra careful. I am, most of the time. Yet. Middle lane morons can push my calm collective manner right through the sunroof or the helmet if riding my motorbike. Britain’s roads are worse than any other developed nation for this aspect of driving. Why? Move the …. over. Use BOTH mirrors. EVEN the one that is blocked from your sight because of your mobile phone secured to your shoulder by your seemingly heavy head. Look over both of your shoulders. Both sides of your vehicle. It will not fall off of the road if you do so. Become aware of your surroundings and take that awareness every where that you go, you may see a whole new world out there and you may prevent idiots like me getting irate and taking risks which in turn risk lives and ruin peoples days.
Be safe. Because NOBODY else is. You are NOT safe in your own centre lane security bubble!


You are clogging up roads that do not need to be clogged up. You are giving the impression of heavy traffic by forcing everyone into the fast lane to go past you. They shouldn’t have to form an orderly queue when you have miles of wonderful open tarmac ahead of you. Don’t sneer at those who have waited patiently for so long for you to pull over that they’ve undertaken you out of sheer anger. YOU FORCED THEM TO DO IT. GET OUT OF THEIR WAY AND THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO PERFORM SUCH A BLATANTLY ILLEGAL MANOEVRE.

It is lazy, it is bone idle and it infuriates good, sensitive, courteous drivers who do their best to HELP EACH OTHER along their way. You are ignoring the highway code, you are slowing faster moving traffic and, frankly, you’re causing a hazard to yourselves and other road users. Motorways are there to move dense traffic quickly and efficiently. If you sit in the middle lane, we might as well have a B road there instead. You know all those traffic bulletins where they describe an unexplained queue on a motorway? Where there has been no accident. It isn’t rush hour. Yes? THAT’S YOUR FAULT.

“Rule 238: You should drive in the left-hand lane if the road ahead is clear. Return to the left-hand lane once you have overtaken all the vehicles or if you are delaying traffic behind you“.

Read it carefully and take it on board, because when I come to power, it will be a criminal offence to be an ignorant and insensitive middle lane driver, with no maximum penalty. And I shall preside over every case. There will be no lawyers. There will be no sympathy. The jury will be twelve of your peers who had to wait for 78 miles of motorway going 60mph for you to eventually use the slip road and halt your relentless torment.

You have been warned.”


About JJBollOX

This is an update. The slight humour aka sarcasm will be lost on anyone who hasn't read this before the update. I am, still a British male. Still living but not in Switzerland. I intend to remain, living and male. When I wrote before I had "spent the better part of two months negotiating the change in my self identity. Unemployed and sharing home with a now ex-girlfriend. I've moved. Moved on. Maybe a year has passed by. Have I moved in an upward direction? Is upward the only way to go if we are to expand, broaden and grow? Realistically, the most dramatic (not exactly decisive) direction I have taken in the time was down. Down, down and deeper than down. I fell off of a mountain. My life got complicated yet simple. This in itself is a fair summary of my personality. I have posted the first words of blogs to be written which I would like to turn into a book. 'A normal life.' Let's see how well and how fruitfully I can express my frustrations, pain, healing process and the constant changes that are life.
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